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Steve and Devona B.

I think back to the first time I saw the Done Right Roofing sign I was thinking another big shot company from Austin coming in to rake in the cash during a disaster. And I saw more and more signs getting put up and then we started seeing the quality of the workand thinking, man, these guys know what theyre doing (my neighbors obviously knew a secret that we did not know). We talked about it and decided it wouldnt hurt to give you a call and see what you could donot sure what to expect, especially not a call back right away from you, the owner of the business. After talking to you and hearing you were a company right down the road in Milano, along with explaining in very good detail the products and workmanship you would provide, we were feeling much better about our situation. We cant thank you enough for all the work you did and the professionalism you and your crews showed.

We were in a situation with the insurance company, not wanting to pay a fraction of the repair cost for any of our damages (fencing, rock damage, structure damage, down trees and the roof). We thought we were just going to have to tough it out and get through the poor choice we made when selecting an insurance company however we could do itthis is our home, our investment, we wanted to keep it nice. We are so impressed with the time you took to inspect our damage and the details that you were able to provide the insurance company. With the detailed proposal and pictures you provided them, we were ecstatic that they covered 100% of the replacement cost for a new roof and the gutters.

I apologize for rambling on, but it doesnt stop here. We werent sure what to expect the day we received your call and said to make sure the cars are accessible tomorrow morning, you were getting startedWhen the crew started showing up, I met a few of them and was impressed from the very get go. Every single one of the crew was courteous, respectful and did everything they could do to accommodate us during the process. For being the HOTTEST days of the year, every one of them over 100 degrees, the team just kept on rolling like it was nothing. To watch the extensive labor that went into it and yes, I did count all six nails, they all are truly an asset to your company.

I joke about the six nails, but have to add, once you had your sign up, a few of my neighbors let me know that you had done their roofs in the past all I can say, it wasnt any of their roofs getting replaced . I not only have an outstanding looking roof, but I believe this one is here to stay and I probably wont have to be doing this again in my lifetime. Thats really not the norm for todays business, it seems like most businesses are out to do things as cheap and easily as possible, hoping that they will be able to come back in and take our money againwith you, I know that is not the case at all, this is built to lastand for you, we will do all we can to promote your business and encourage people that are in the market to give you a callafter all, we can confirm, it was Done Right.

Great job Bill and company,

Dan A. M.
Dear Bill,

Thanks for a very high quality roof replacement. According to your correspondence, most of your business comes from referrals. After a recent hail storm and the need to replace my roof, one person told me that Done Right was the best roofing company in Texas. I took bids from three local companies and decided to add Done Right although it was farther away and I did not know anything about the company.

After thorough analyses, I picked Done Right for the following reasons:

1. You, the owner, met with me and submitted a comprehensive proposal without any high pressure tactics;
2. The proposal was in the form of a contract that included a description of the products planned, preparation of roof for new shingles, using hand nailing instead of air nail guns and an estimate that was very easy to understand and compare item by item to homeowner's insurance estimate;
3. Company in business for more than 16 years;
4. Highest rating from Better Business Bureau;
5. Done Right is a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor; only 2% of roofing contractors in North America have achieved this status;
6. Used current technology to determine the perfect venting system and amount of materials to minimize waste;
7. Provided current certificate of liability insurance;
8. Installation crew, all employees instead of subcontractors, were very impressive:
a. consisted of 8 well-trained and cohesive crew members;
b. worked steady 9 hrs. per day; no goofing off; no loud music;
c. thorough cleanup each day;
d. explained to homeowner what they planned to do at each phase of the installation; the were also very polite;
e. displayed great pride in their work product (it seemed to me more than just a job).

In conclusion, I am so happy I heard about your company and decided to contract with you. You were very easy to work with and I appreciated the good communications including text, email, and telephone. You were very good at managing homeowner expectations. There were not any surprises and you worked with my insurance company to make sure the new roof met all current code requirements. This led to upgrades that enhanced the roof. I will be very happy to recommend your company to anyone needing a roof replacement.
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