As homeowners, many of us are always looking to getting our work done at the lowest possible price. The problem is we dont realize that we are setting ourselves up for disaster by working with contractors all too eager to satisfy this requirement. These are the same contractors who will work for the least amount of money, but in the process will give us the least they can in terms of time, labor, material, attention to detail, quality and value. Who can blame them. Why should they give us more when we are not willing to pay them for more. Yet we all moan and groan to everyone we can when we dont get the good work and service that we really want. Its a catch 22 situation which is only escaped when we can accept the fact that a low price and excellent quality and service are at opposite ends of the spectrum. We live in a capitalistic world, where better people command and get rewarded for their better skills, service and work. Its plain and simple, and capitalistically, makes perfect sense. All the odd cliches apply. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, and you get what you pay for, etc.

So now you need to ask yourself what it is you want in a major construction project. Is it a job done correctly with attention paid to all the details for a leak and problem free roof, or do you just want a roof job done at the lowest possible price? We know you want both, but these two ideals cannot be met, for the reasons explained above, and for a few more listed below.

A job done at the lowest price is the lowest for a very good reason. It is missing all the ingredients and input necessary to provide a leak free roof, that are costs to the contractor, which add to the price of the job. In other words, it is missing well paid highly skilled labor, a quality control and training department that knows what works and what doesnt on your roof. It lacks manpower to conduct supervision and inspection on jobs to control installers, who if left unsupervised, have the natural tendency to rush, take short cuts, and not do what they are supposed to do. Men who are trained, paid well, supervised and checked, as is the case with Done Right Roofing, will always do the right thing, take the time to do the job right and pay attention to the details.

It costs money to have a person whose sole job is to be a supervisor, and to have this position as part of a roofing service. Most contractors dont have a supervisor because it would force them to put their prices up to pay for him, and they are afraid to lose your job to a lower bidder. It stands to reason that for a lower or cheaper price, steps must be left out, details cannot not be taken care of.

The roof, however, will be cheaper, and then it is just a question of time before problems emerge, and the joy of a low price is soon replaced with the bitterness of an improperly completed job, and a great deal of unnecessary expense and inconvenience.

At Done Right Roofing for your sake and ours, we do the job properly. We dont leave out any vital details, and only employ highly trained and skilled labor, and follow up with supervision and inspection from men who are paid to do nothing else but this. We believe that this is what our customers want.

We do whatever we can to have competitive prices, but because we have all the additional costs that are necessary to ensure that you dont have problems now and in the future, we are unlikely to be the lowest price. Done Right Roofing has invested in the establishment of worker training, education, quality control, supervision, and inspection departments. Because we have raised the bar on our standards, our crews have to work harder and longer, than they would working for anyone else. So we have to pay them more to keep them with us. Because of this investment in quality and customer satisfaction, we will produce a correct, trouble free roof, with attention paid to all the details that eliminate leaks, that require the knowledge and expertise from well trained roofers.

We concern ourselves with the correct and appropriate choice and application of materials for the conditions found at your home. We will not do anything at the expense of the integrity of the roof. We will not leave an incorrect condition in place just to be able to give you a lower price. Doing so will come back to haunt everyone later on. Corners may have been cut when your house was built, to save money and maximize profits for the builder. We will not cut corners. We will do whatever can be done to correct poor and defective work wherever it is found, and it is in the best interest of our customers, and a trouble free roof.

Done Right Roofing has opted for the quality approach to its roofing business, rather than aiming to be the lowest bidder on each roof estimate. We are convinced that with the quality approach to our work, we will remain successful, because quality is what customers really want. The low price alternative results in enormous amounts of comebacks, unhappy customers, high costs for repairs and go backs, substantial reputation damage, diminished referrals, and ultimately the crippling of ones business. It really is a no brainer. Quality workmanship is the win win option over low price for everyone.
Remember this: The Bitterness of Poor Quality Materials & Labor, Will Linger Far Longer than the Sweetness of Low Price!

It really is a no brainer. Quality workmanship is the win win option over low price for everyone.

Remember this: The Bitterness of Poor Quality Materials & Labor, Will Linger Far Longer than the Sweetness of Low Price!

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